Mathematically add another on screen dimension.

Now automated, we are seeking specialists in a variety of fields who would like to develop this feature further in modelling force-directed relationships based on your data acquisition. Return to this page soon, we will continually provide updated information. (Request for Proposals)

Be sure to pull on one of those atoms in the crystal structure above

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Crystalline Structures

Software development has taken an interesting path of connectivity, much like the structure of a crystal, nodes and edges have developed new programming strctures like GraphQL, D3.js, and more. More updates soon.

Spirits Amongst Us

When mathematically increasing one's dimensional perspective, one should expect the supernatural. It becomes par for the course.

Programming Constructs

Crypto and Blockchain will evolve, and fast. The key was to also be ever evolving. Learning and exploring new concepts requires and open conduit to one's own senses.

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