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A novel approach for a regional public media
integrated with a versatile market place tailored for artists and creatives.

Latest Work

ZSO's adoption of the Algorand Blockchain promises to evolve into one of the more stable services in the NFT market. Along with the most economical minting processes and cost of transaction, Algorand has also pledged to set the standard as the Greenest Blockchain with a carbon-negative network. Algorand is building the technology to power the future of finance. ZSO is excited to be working on this platform. The idea of combining an NFT market place with a public broadcasting media made a lot of sense to us. With more than a quarter century experience in the data services industry, we found ourselves involved in solving streaming issues in broadcast media when the breakthrough moment hit.
With the proliferation of devices, advancements in technology and surviving a global pandemic, the path forward became clear. This undertaking seeks sponsors, donors, angel investors, and supporters of all kinds to lift-off. In return, investment oportunities with solid ROI, cultural benefits and environmental awareness exists. At the core of our deliverables we provide a public platform where acquired data can be thoroughly analyzed and fed back into an ever evolving system. This is a work in progress and we make this service possible thanks to your support. It has been said that when data is of interest, it becomes information. Information soon becomes knowledge. Knowledge leads us on the road to wisdom.

Dapps and Algo Smart Contracts

We are part of the development program


Investment Opportunities Available

Please feel free to contact us directly for more information and request your investor's prospective.

Latest Whitepapers

The RFP (request for proposal) has been established and you can get involved by contacting us direct. Please feel free to contact us anytime. In addition, we have been collecting localized market data for more than a couple of years. Our livestream is available online anytime on the "Listen Live" link.


Zona Sur Online
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Zona Sur Online
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