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Will it Ever
(Live @Belly Up)

Lady Love
(Live on KX935)

Nirvana 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'

Sister Speak

Ain't Nobody Care for Me

China Rose

You Are the One

G-String Cowboys

Sidewalks & Bars (Official Video)

Bank Robbing Man (Official Video)

Just What To Do

Christopher Hawley

Something More


Electronic Band "Auradrone"


The Only Exception - Paramore

More Than A Woman - Bee Gees

Nirvana 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'

Kristin Center


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    Artists, we will be taking submissions for streaming and other works of art in December of 2021. Stay Tuned In

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    The Provenance Markletplace is the place to go. We Mint your NFTs and youproduce the finest quality indie productions possible.

Musical Artist's

At ZSO, critical assesment of musical works of art are not based on Genre. Instead, we use production quality determinations as our key performance indicators toggled with an artist's own traction. More about calculation of plays and toital listening hours (TLH) in upcoming WHitepaper publications.

Contact us to find out more about streaming plays, royalty structures and NFT minting behind the Provenance Marketplace.