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  • Purchase program blocks
    Some may think it a site where the user cannot interact. We can understand this perspective, however, when our user is the artists and the producer, their interaction goes way beyond simple likes and dislikes. Purchase a programming spot and interact today.
  • Blockchain based
    We are accepting credit cards and PayPal and we are forging new ground in the blockchain. Develping a marketplace designed to evolve into a primary market based on certified artist's originals.
  • Audio and Visual
    Most of the inital artists happened to be singer's and songwriter's, as this developed more photographic artists and painters have expressed interests. The paradigm definitely fit.
  • Shop in the Marketplace
    The provenance marketplace is where our signed artists have pleaced their goods. We consider it all to be collectors items. Even our farmers selling consummable harvest labored passionately on the organic garden. This is the work of an artist.
  • A Drug they call it
    Coffee and Cacao, recognized as drugs no doubt came from natural plants, harvested and processed through human endeavor. When one follows the trail we identify the origin of all drugs stemming from natures fauna.
  • Our Crystalline Structure
    Software development has taken an interesting path of connectivity, much like the structure of a crystal, nodes and edges have developed new programming strctures like GraphQL. Learn more about this.
  • Spirits Amongst Us
    Human processing will always be subjected to one directive. And that is to take it "One Step Beyond" Also a great Ska song from the '80's.
  • Local Listings and Tourism
    Catch the broadcast to learn more about the region, offers and attractions in the area. Where are the waves hitting, what does that monkey really think about you. Etceterra and so forth.
  • Stay Sane
    It's a jungle out there. We appreciate your support and look forward to your visit to the Zona Sur. Be sure and stay safe and welcome to the jungle.

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