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Situated in the rainforest of Costa Rica, one of the most bio-diverse locations on the planet. We are developing a prototype application consisting of an artisan marketplace, media outlet and crypto asset management tool that aims at providing information and resources to support a better informed community living in connection with the natural environment.

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May 15, 2022– Next Eclipse of the Moon

Catch this one at the beach. Great for a west facing beach.
This eclipse is part of the Lunar Solaris series.
This eclipse series began in AD 1427 with a partial eclipse at the southern edge of the Earth's shadow when the Moon was close to its descending node. Each successive Saros cycle, the Moon's orbital path is shifted northward with respect to the Earth's shadow, with the first total eclipse occurring in 1950. For the following 252 years, total eclipses occur, with the central eclipse being predicted to occur in 2078. The first partial eclipse after this is predicted to occur in the year 2220, and the final partial eclipse of the series will occur in 2707. The total lifetime of the lunar Saros series 131 is 1280 years. Solar Saros 138 interleaves with this lunar saros with an event occurring every 9 years 5 days alternating between each saros series.
(Countdown set for the moment of greatest eclipse)

Nov 8, 2022 – lunar Eclipse [Total]

As an odd ball year, 2022 has only partial solar eclipse, that is right, not a single total solar eclipse in 2022. We normally show the next lunar and next solar. This year we chose to put down to total lunar eclipse.
All the best to you with this cosmic timepiece holding many secrets.
(For which the count down is set)

Monitor the deep blue sea with a livestream from the zonasur.


This is happening on November 8, 2022.

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