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By: Anonymous
"The reason three distinctly connected nodes are better than two, boils down to constraints"...

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By: Zona Sur
As a visitor and reader of this media post, you may have noticed patterns evolving in the nature of the publications. Less than a year ago we secured online hosting and broadcasting a digital stream from an undisclosed location on sustainable sola...

Europe in desperate search of alternatives to replace Russian energy

By: Zona Sur
As advocates of alternative energy, we are interested in using our energy to facilitate the promotion of war-time "urgent use" of Ukrainian waterways for the generation of electrical hydropower. With an informed group of strategic planners and visionarie...


By: Anonymous
Proof that humans are not at the top of the cosmic food chain: Was not the existence of exotic metals and minerals, but rather that humanity toyed with them with less knowledge than a primate. Mercury, Uranium, et. al. Various extractions have poisoned...

Dont Follow Leaders, Watch Your Parking Meters

By: ZonaSur: Reina Pohl - PCRM
Neuralinks recent blog post defending its use of 23 monkeys for surgical brain implant experiments doe/’t change the horrific treatment that the public records reveal. Monkeys used by Neuralink at UC Davis did have portions of their skulls removed and ...

Venus-Jupiter Conjunction 2:46pm

By: Zona Sur et. al.
Today, April 30th of 2022AD there is a ":close" planetary conjunction between Venus and Jupiter. Concurrently, this is coupled wit a partial eclipse of the sun viewable in South America and Antarctica. This eclipses portions of the Larsen ice shelf at t...


By: Zona Sur
It is not until one has been stripped of all resources electricity, water, internet, food and money... that they appreciate music and freedom....

Search for Family of Michael Howard Stiles

By: Zona Sur
On Tuesday local media made the following plea: It is urgent to locate relatives of Michael Howard Stiles, (of United States Nationality) he lived in Palmar Norte, due to his state of health he was admitted to the San Juan de Dios Hospital. Last week he...

Roberry in PZ - Perez Zeledon

By: OSA infomative g-;lated
They steal ₡25 million from an official of a development association in Perez Zeledon This Tuesday, at about 2 a.m. m., the subjects intercepted the victim when he was on his way to his house. Two men on a motorcycle stole ₡25 million from an offic...

Palmar Sur Incident

By: OSA informativo google trans
Motorcyclist suffers a traffic accident when he hit a deer in Palmar Sur de Osa. The accident occurred at 9:20 in the morning this Friday on the straight between Palmar Sur and punta iron, according to the version of the motorcyclist, Jose Nander Morral...


By: Anonymous
Government and media has a responsibility to steer mass hysteria - poem of the day...

Be on Alert Japanese Quake Watch

By: Zona Sur - The Mainichi
TOKYO -- UPDATE -- Tsunami warnings have been called off for pacific ocean reporting locations as of 4PM in Costa Rica Central America. (Previously reported) A strong earthquake jolted northeast Japan late on March 16, prompting the Japan Meteorological...

Horrific Events in Alajuela

By: Osa Informativo{G translate)
A cruel gunshot murder was recorded last Sunday night in Alajuela. The fatal victim was identified by the Judicial Investigation Agency as Kassandra Maria Sanchez Ballestero, 19 years old, unfortunately. She, according to the judicial report, was outsi...

James Webb turns on Cams

Spacecraft controllers have begun powering up the four cutting-edge instruments on NASAs James Webb Space Telescope as they prepare for the observatorys first glimpses of a target star. That star, called HD 84406, is located 241 light-years from Earth...

Beware the Locals Scam

By: Municipalidad de OSA Google XLate
Due to a large number of complaints made by several residents of the canton of Osa for attempted scams through WhatsApp messages and phone calls, where they indicate that the Municipality offers fiscal relief through Law No. 9830, they offer support, acc...

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