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By: Zona Sur

It was reported in the upper Baru area yesterday that a couple of borrachos went off roading and nearly overturned a couple of times. It seems that the driver was showing his new set of off road tires. When they reached their destination they were loud and caused a scene by smoking pot in public.

Music was able to help simmer down the situation and mitigation efforts were put into place. However, when Led Zeppelins "Kashmir" was played on the PA things ramped up again. A cat was found on the table eating a plate of "Mariscados". As the two culprits attempted to drive off, they collided with other vehicles in the parking lot. An arrangement to pay was made at the scene.
Upon returning to the main highway to Perez Zeledon the borrachos disembarked and went on their separate ways after putting down sound guaros at the local tavern. Things were not hunky dory as they were reckoned to be disturbing other customers and causing a scene.
One of the culprits entered the Chinese mart after closing hours and really upset the store owner. But he persisted that they needed to accept a "customer comes first" policy. 

The individual left the scene and was seen wandering into the misty darkness of the night down a dirt road. 
A vehiclist spotted the individual on one of the 4x4 roads he seemed to have been guarded by a local dog known as "Perro Bravo". Perro Bravo proceeded to chase off the motorists that were attempting to confront the man. Today in the early morning hours, a dead Faire de Lance was found next to a pair of rubber boots in a residential shipping container.

The mysterious events will be monitored over the next couple of days.

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