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Wednesday Headlines

By: Zona Sur

A Billionaire Bitcoin And Ethereum Skeptic Suddenly Just Flipped And Made A Wild Crypto Price Prediction. A Wall Street billionaire Thomas Peterffy, who once warned bitcoin futures could "destabilize the real economy," has said investors should buy a small amount of cryptocurrency such as bitcoin or ethereum in case the dollar "goes to hell"—and predicted the bitcoin price could eventually hit $1 million.

Google will pay top execs $1 million each after declining to boost workers pay.

North Korea fires another suspected missile to kick off 2022.
In a bizarre move on the other side of the world, the Taliban orders shop owners to remove heads of mannequins
Omicron is spreading like crazy, Brandon tells you not to panic. It does appear that governments are working on psychosomatic powers of the human spirit to fight this new variant. Meanwhile, some on both sides of the debate are wondering, "why are the other guys not dead yet?"
Yes, we are at that point and it is only 2022.

In US news, insurrectionists are prepping for a day of commemoration for their failed coup. All talk of democracy and constitution aside, they are still failures and should reflect on that. Rat-like behavior will win in the end. Remember that the rat is merely a squirrel that learned how to live in human society.

In closing, we have to ask, what were you expecting? Democracy to prevail? Try not to get pissed off at that. Look at this logically and rationally. How can a true democracy, as fathomed in the time of ancient Greece, work? A military industrial complex is needed to protect you from the autocrats and fascists out there while those in democratic nations argue about what to do. Eventually, that complex will decide not to do what the democracy voted for. In fact, they need to.

You cannot stop human suffering but you can do something about cruelty, abuse, injustice and greed.

Thank you

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