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Forecast heavy rains could Trigger Widespread Flooding and Landslides


The forecast heavy rains could trigger widespread flooding and landslides over Central America during the next week.
During mid-August, abundant rains fell along the Pacific-facing regions of Central America, including southwestern Guatemala, the Gulf of Fonseca,
and the southern Caribbean. To the east, heavy rains were registered over the eastern parts of Guatemala and Honduras, and northeastern
Nicaragua. In contrast, reduced amounts with little to light rains were observed over central Honduras and Nicaragua. Consequently, this past thirty
day’ cumulative rainfall indicated that insufficient rainfall continued over northern Guatemala, Belize, coasts of Honduras, western El Salvador, and
central Nicaragua, where totals accounted for 50 – 80 percent of the average. Meanwhile, above-average rainfall spread along the Gulf of Fonseca,
western coasts of Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama. For seasonal rainfall performance, a low accumulation was recorded over Belize and the
central portions of Honduras and Nicaragua, where the ninety-day totals ranged 50 – 80 percent of the average. The continuation of seasonable to
increased rains should, in general, replenish soil moisture and aid cropping activities over many local areas of the region.
For next week, above-average rainfall is likely across much of Central America. Easterly Tropical weather disturbances are expected to bring heavy
rains along the Atlantic-facing regions of Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama. Widespread abundant (> 50 mm) rains are also forecast
throughout the inland of Guatemala, Honduras, and northern Nicaragua. The forecast wetter weather patterns, therefore, heighten the potential for
overflowing of rivers, flooding, and landslides over southern Guatemala, the Atlantic coasts of Honduras and Nicaragua, and the southern

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