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By: Zona Sur

We are getting a new report in from the United States concerning anomalies in the data and reporting. Please know that we here at ZS are not influencing or asking you to follow any direction. We are however, reporting the breaking fact based information as we encounter it. We hope that all news anchors quit with their expressions and opinions in regards to those factual points. We stick with the plain text that we encountered today from a credible source.

They say:

According to an internal CDC document first obtained by The Washington Post Thursday evening, data on the Provincetown, Massachusetts, cluster showed that vaccinated people carried surprisingly high levels of the delta coronavirus in their noses and throats. In a study of a subset of people in the cluster, published at 1pm ET Friday by the CDC, Massachusetts health officials reported that fully vaccinated infected people appeared to have similar viral loads as unvaccinated infected people. More importantly, vaccinated people were found to be spreading the dangerous virus variant to other vaccinated people.

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