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Rand Paul is 100 Porciento Dufus

By: Zona Sur

However! Nature keeps us healthy, and we all understand that when you leave nature for human Culture you must deal with some noise, with other souls oppressed human souls that have left nature and are lost and sometimes mean, they are all scared. Dr. Anthony Fauci is holding a deep dark secret, I can tell you by pure observation and having dealt with very advanced and power-wielding liars. Maybe technically not lying, because that means he is smart and knows how to talk without perjuring himself or throwing out a random technical lie.

Whew, what a relief to see some intelligence on primetime media.

However, his reaction to "idiot" rand paul is a clear indication that he has a non-scientific soft spot about what he did to the sheep that follow him. His inability to clearly state what he meant about "Individual..." and his defensiveness need to be looked at rationally and scientifically. See if you have been flipped to be so reactionary in your behavior.

The believers all want to throw rocks at the anti vaxers.
Lie or no Lie. The first cut is the deepest, the first impression is the only one that counts when dealing with MOB MENTALITY. This is why a cunning liar knows how to deal with a later revelation of the truth. Because of this whole "Pandoras box" property of mob mentality.

What Fauci is doing to (mostly) intelligent people right now is the real problem > There is something seriously grave that he needs to admit. Once he comes clean, the few free thinkers that are getting thrown into your sheep mess-ass mentality... the more of us will support real science, not your rock-throwing back at the deplorables. Please grow up everybody. Starting with you Dr. Faustis!!!

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