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Guns, Guns, and more Guns

By: ZS - sourced from OIJ

In this lovely vacation nation of Pura Vida, there is more going on near your retirement home and yoga resort.
Agents from the P�rez Zeled�n OIJ with the collaboration of Administrative Police Officers arrested eight men this morning, in the La Palma sector of P�rez Zeled�n, who were traveling in three vehicles and from whom seven firearms were seized, four of them thick. caliber and three pistol type. The operation continues in process, as it is presumed that they could carry drugs in one of the cars.
In addition, in the Bar� de P�rez Zeled�n sector, the Quepos judicial agents stopped a vehicle on a public highway, which has a double compartment in which they apparently transported drugs.
Source: O. I. J.

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