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Unrest and a Blockade at the Border

By: ZonaSur/ColosalInforme

Today protesters broke out in action creating a blockade at the Panamanian border. This is an ongoing protest. As you will learn more about a journalist who was physically attacked. This is happening today at the Panama Border Paso Canoas immigration station.
Protesters attack journalist who covered the blockade in Paso Canoas with a "stick"
By Adri�n Meza Cordero - November 19, 20200

Colosal communicator reports he was intimidated by two violent men
AM Prensa rejects the facts and stands in solidarity with Colosal's
Drafting- A journalist was attacked with a club during a demonstration in Paso Canoas this Thursday.
It is about the colleague Freddy Parrales, a worker of our commercial partners of the Colosal Group, who covers all the news from the southern part of the country.

As is customary, Parrales was informing the population about the events in the area, but this time the story changed and he ended up being the victim of an attack.

The journalist was attacked from behind by a man who, with a club, threw his cell phone.
Fortunately, Parrales was unharmed, but suffered the loss of the cell phone with which he was transmitting.

After the mobile fell to the ground, according to Parrales, two other men began beating him "like a pi�ata."
According to what the aggressors told Parrales, the aggression was committed because they are on the government's side, which is a lie, since they have always dedicated themselves to providing neutral information.
Parrales, like the Colosal Group, assure that at the moment they do not intend to file a complaint, since they have not identified the person who carried out the attack.

This was stated by the also journalist and boss at Colosal, Delbis Ag�ero, who also commented on a series of actions that the news group will take in this case.
According to Ag�ero, the police arrested two people after the blockade, so they are waiting to be confirmed if it was due to this situation to determine whether to proceed with the complaint.
According to Ag�ero, the company has always been characterized by not having any side, so they do not agree with reaching those extremes.
Even, as confirmed by Ag�ero, now they will no longer risk their lives before these types of people in the demonstrations, so the decision was made not to give more coverage to these events.

To make the decision known to all its followers, the Colosal Group carried out a live broadcast in which they recounted the measures taken and what happened.

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