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Lawyer/Farmer sentenced to 8 years in prison

By: Zona Sur

Mario Cerdas Salazar, The Alajuela lawyer sentenced for minimum 8 years in prison for Cultivation and Supply of Marijuana in Costa Rica. Many of you are familiar with his story. He has been in custody since August of 2019 and there was some hope that his case would dawn a new era in the legalization of medicinal plants. However, the courts of Costa Rica, three primary judges, and article 58 of Costa Rica's Law on Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances have deemed otherwise.

Salazar, a 62-year-old defender for cultivation, possession, supply, transformation, and the recreational use of marijuana came to the following conclusion,

"Anyone who is interested in cultivating is aware that he can do it, as long as, it is for personal reasons, of course, you cannot think of trading the plant because you could have problems. That is my main recommendation and I would tell them to do it without fear."
He added,
"The regulation will have to come because as the plant is released, it will be used more in different ways. I defend, and I want people not to lose sight, that the right to agriculture, in accordance with our legal system, constitutes absolute freedom," he said.

The government ensures that narco traffickers and public officials continue to stabilize the economy. Imagine if all the gringos of a banana republic started growing their own food and medicine? The country will simply plunge further into and never snap out of the coming economic crisis.

This report was inspired by the great article in, "Eight Years in Prison receives Lawyer for Cultivation and Supply of Marijuana in Alajuela"

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