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Going out like it is 1999

By: Zona sur
Those of you who have been on this planet that long can relate to the song by Prince, 1999. You made it thru and you will make it thru this one. Do not ridicule the Omicron, listen to Fauci, build back butterball... Dammit, you been through some h...

Feliz Navidad and Daily Headlines

By: Zona Sur
On the day before Christmas in the zona sur and here are Todays headlines - The United States authorizes "anticovid pill. Will we Costa Ricans have access? Costa Rican Food industry demonstrates resilience and supply capacity. ¢2000, ¢5000, ¢20000 and...

Today in Costa Rican News

By: Zona Sur
Todays headlines for Costa Rica from the Google News Aggregate. They say Follow the green leader, everyone from Prince William to Jeff Bezos is looking to Costa Rica. The Guardian says, "The UN belongs to young people, deputy chief tells young Costa Rica...

Hellish Magma Highway Surfaces in Panama

By: LiveScience News Aggregate
Wind from Earths middle layer blows through a secret passage beneath Panama and Costa Rica Researchers just discovered a geological hidden passageway. A geological secret passage beneath Panama and Costa Rica may explain why rocks from Earths mantle ar...

Headlines for December 21

By: Zona Sur
Already in full swing of vacations in Costa Rica and the cloudy weather is still hanging around. Due to a system that has been churning in the pacific it is no doubt a weather anomaly. Here is what we know, when things clear please go out and get some vi...

Todays date 1220 2021

By: Zons Sur
On the day before the winter solstice of the year 2021 people prepare for holiday travel and gatherings. Many take to the skies or borders and end up in the little green country of Costa Rica. Worlds top Headlines Dec 20, 2021 New Chilean Presi...

Palmar Sur Finca 12

By: Zona Sur
Nestled deep in the zona sur, we find the works of a civilization. Ancient and precise. The ability to carve perfect spheres out of granite. with precision that can outshine the accuracy of modern engineering. We must ask, how did we get so sloppy at cra...

Interesting International News

By: Zona Sur
There are a number of interesting things happening on this Friday on this planet. Of course the Leonard Comet is exciting as it approaches naked eye visibility in the night sky. Along with this, British courts have made it possible for the United States ...

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