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Temporal Rains Bring Mosquitos

By: J, Trevino
Hello readers and listeners. This is the very first news report being published from an unsupported device with a deprecated browser with out utility supplied electricity ,or water off the socio-economic grid. I have to report to you that the recent rain...


By: Zona Sur
The youth for climate and guardians of the Amazon have partnered in a global petition calling on Europe to act immediately to protect our future. This petition also supports the complaint lodged by Cacic Raoni, with the help of many indigenous leaders, be...

Using PHP Library to for web server OAuth Access to Google API's

By: Some Vato
The reason you are getting this piece of news is because I live on the power of a 200watt solar panel and my regular computer does not operate at night when I need to reference this material to figure it out. Does this bother yuou? please send complaints ...

Catch the Solar Alignment of the Spheres in Finca 6

By: ZonaSur Translation
While in Costa Rica visit the Finca 6 archaeological site, during the alignment of spheres with the sun, which will be between April 9 and 18. Some things we want to tell you, when faced with multiple questions are: Alignment is a phenomenon that, for ye...

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