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Climate Change Worsens The RipTide,

By: Greg Gordon - Costa Ballena Bulletin Board
To the community in Costa Ballena, Times are now desperate for the Costa Ballena Lifeguards and I am making a personal plea for donations. The municipality has granted the association funding for four lifeguards, but that does not cover their vacation da...

Forecast heavy rains could Trigger Widespread Flooding and Landslides

The forecast heavy rains could trigger widespread flooding and landslides over Central America during the next week. During mid-August, abundant rains fell along the Pacific-facing regions of Central America, including southwestern Guatemala, the Gulf o...

Pet Friendly Business

By: Zona Sur
Here at we are collecting business information to share with potential customers preparing for the 2022 Costa Rican High season. With the latest updates of digital nomads and medical marijuana referendums in this lovely nation, the prospec...

This just in

By: Zona Sur
We are getting a new report in from the United States concerning anomalies in the data and reporting. Please know that we here at ZS are not influencing or asking you to follow any direction. We are however, reporting the breaking fact based information a...

New Sphere found in the Zon

By: Zona Sur
Archaeologists from the National Museum of Costa Rica identified a new ancient stone sphere from an earlier civilization. The stone monolith found measures 1.23 meters in diameter, is in perfect condition and is located on a private estate in the Finca 1...

Rand Paul is 100 Porciento Dufus

By: Zona Sur
However! Nature keeps us healthy, and we all understand that when you leave nature for human Culture you must deal with some noise, with other souls oppressed human souls that have left nature and are lost and sometimes mean, they are all scared. Dr. Ant...

This explains why, Fauci's Sketch and you know it

By: Zona Sur from Newsweek
The reason we have transcribed this breaking article from Newsweek from April 8, 2020 is just that. ...because they are Newsweek, a trusted news media outlet with solid reporting. Now to the dipolar side of science, this is why you are no longer trusted...

Beware heavy Flash storms in the zona

By: Zona Sur
beware today as a series of flash storms have spontaneously arisen in the zona. Along the highways and rivers visibility is low. Heavy flash whitewater is happening in the Baru region and may stretch don to terraba. Please refrain from whitewater raft...

Who Admits to Premature Speculation

By: From the AP
The Who admit to having misled the public through means of a highly speculative and premature statement on the origins of Covid 19, their non chalance on the matter is exactly how Who is able to sweep facts under the rug. BERLIN (AP) — The head of...

Road Closure Overturned LP Gas Truck

By: Zona Sur
This is breaking news of a road closure near the RicaDos restaurant (the one with the jet plane) on the route between Perez Zeledon and Dominical. We hope you are where you needed to be. The following is translated from OSA informativo. You can find th...

Koko would be 50 today

By: Zona Sur
On this U.S. Independance day some also celebrate the birthday of an amaIng creature, friend, and loved one, Koko the gorilla that communicated in sign language. Koko started understanding and responding in sign language at the early age of two years...

Symbol of the White Hawk Gavilán Blanco

By: World Bird
A few days ago, as I tended to my solar panels, I was heckled by a strange sound coming from the adjacent tree. Over the next few days I noticies a strange bird snatching lizards in front of the cabina. Tren today, with two other witnesses, We were shown...

Multi Band Resynthesis Overlap MBROLA

By: Zona Sur
The aim of the MBROLA project, recently initiated by the Faculte Polytechnique de Mons (Belgium), is to obtain a set of speech syn- thesizers for as many voices, languages and dialects as possible, free of use for non-commercial and non-military applica...

New Paper Disproves COVID Live Market Theory

By: Zona Sur
Disproving the fresh market theory is basically code for PROVING the lab/error theory. That is right folks you are hearing it first. You may ask, "Why is this important?" This is likely most important for a slightly different pruported reason. This...

By: Jose
We begin summer in the Northern Hemisphere and still remain in the grips of a virus that appears to be more likely the result of a human error in a lab, Let(s) call it a choice to disengage from the grid while finding new and creative ways to publish mat...

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