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Using PHP Library to for web server OAuth Access to Google API's

By: Some Vato

The reason you are getting this piece of news is because I live on the power of a 200watt solar panel and my regular computer does not operate at night when I need to reference this material to figure it out. Does this bother yuou? please send complaints ...

Catch the Solar Alignment of the Spheres in Finca 6

By: ZonaSur Translation

While in Costa Rica visit the Finca 6 archaeological site, during the alignment of spheres with the sun, which will be between April 9 and 18. Some things we want to tell you, when faced with multiple questions are: Alignment is a phenomenon that, for ye...

Special Forces in Costa Rica

By: Machine Translated from OSA Informativo

Costa Rica Special Forces. Special Support Unit (UEA) of the Public Force. OIJ Special Tactical Response Service (SERT) of the OIJ. Special Intervention Unit (UEI) of the Ministry of the Presidency. The Special Intervention Unit (UEI) was created in 1...

Ngobi Off The Grid

By: OSA Informativo

6 Ng�bes families from Conte Burica they already have their own solar panels This week, the first delivery of a total of 106 devices that will bring light to families in this indigenous territory, in the south of the country, was made. It is a project ...

Early Worm Get the Bird

By: Zona sur

In the morning hours this Thursday, the National Coast Guard Service manages to locate the ultralight aircraft, which had been reported missing since yesterday, the finding occurs once a United States plane manages to see from the heights. Immediately th...

Drug Chase in the Drake

By: Zona Sur

Spectacular persecution and shooting against alleged narco boat Everything happened before the eyes of dozens of tourists in Osa. The police authorities carried out an intense maritime pursuit against an alleged narco boat that was traveling with a drug...

Guns, Guns, and more Guns

By: ZS - sourced from OIJ

In this lovely vacation nation of Pura Vida, there is more going on near your retirement home and yoga resort. Agents from the P�rez Zeled�n OIJ with the collaboration of Administrative Police Officers arrested eight men this morning, in the La Palma se...

Protestors Have Stormed the United States Capitol

By: Zona Sur

In a shocking series of events the United States Capitol has been stormed and breached by protestors refusing to accept the loss of Lame Duck President Trump. During the process of the early part of the counting of the electoral votes the Capitol was brea...

2021 Astronomical Calendar

By: Zona Sur

January January 3: Quadrantid Meteor Shower January 28: Full Moon February February 27: Full Moon March March 28: Full Moon April April 21-22: Lyrid Meteor Shower April 26-27: Full Supermoon May May 6: Eta Aquarid Meteor Showe...

Update on the Navidad in Osa

By: Zona Sur

...look, we know it is not going to be easy. Yet, we promise to publish true first-hand facts that we get here in the Sona Sur of Costa Rica, What do you want me to tell yopu? It may not be nice, it may not be what you want to hear, but you ar here and we...

2020 Will not end Without a Great Conjunction

By: Zona Sur

The most spectacular planetary union in the last 400 years will happen in December. 12.21.2020 As bright as the star of Bethlehem and as calculated as a Mayan prophecy, skywatchers will not be disappointed on this solstice day. Jupiter and Saturn come ...

Lunar Eclipse Monday

By: Zona Sur

Your own story... This is a news story referencing our Full moon Beaver eclipse. The countdown is on....

Unrest and a Blockade at the Border

By: ZonaSur/ColosalInforme

Today protesters broke out in action creating a blockade at the Panamanian border. This is an ongoing protest. As you will learn more about a journalist who was physically attacked. This is happening today at the Panama Border Paso Canoas immigration stat...

Get your Vitamin D Today

By: Zona Sur

To a beautiful Jueves in the Zona Sur, Today is a good day to get your sun. We have another storm forming in the hot zone. It will ahave rainy effects in the Nothern zone and in the Southern Zone of the pacific of Costa Rica. Drivers please be aware, th...

Water levels are dropping at the Terraba River

By: Zona Sur

We just got a report from "Osa Noticias" They say it is time to tranquilize the water level is dropping and the Grand Terraba River water levels start to subside. This is good news for travelers on the 34 and Why 2 going south through the zona sur ...

Advisories on Iota, updated intra-day

By: Zona Sur/NOAA

Updated: 1200 PM CST Tue Nov 17 2020 This news report is courtesy of the National Hurricane Center NHC of the NOAA. We get updates throughout the days and will reflect back to you. This report has a specific focus on the Southern Zone of Central America. ...

Fatal Incident in Coronado

By: Zona Sur

Coronado de Osa, there is a breaking report of a death on the Coronado bridge. Please be advised, this morning the Costanera, coastal road has been closed in the vicinity of Coronado. ...

Helicopter Crash In Egypt Leaves Six Americans Dead, One Injured

By: Zona Sur

Breaking News: there have been reported six (6) Americans dead involved in a Helicopter crash in Egypt today. The casualties were part of a peacekeeping force known as the mfo. The Multinational Force and Observers (MFO) is an international peacekeepi...

Lawyer/Farmer sentenced to 8 years in prison

By: Zona Sur

Mario Cerdas Salazar, The Alajuela lawyer sentenced for minimum 8 years in prison for Cultivation and Supply of Marijuana in Costa Rica. Many of you are familiar with his story. He has been in custody since August of 2019 and there was some hope that his ...

El Tumbador - Candido Camero

By: Zona Sur

R.I.P. Candido! Sadly we say goodbye to Cuban legendary percussionist Candido Camero who passed away aged 99. Considered by many a (the) father of Latin Jazz, his music and flamboyant style has thrilled audiences worldwide since the 40s. His bongoes ar...

It's Starting to Feel a lot Like Summer

By: Zona Sur

Zona Sur online is transforming information into quality audiations and visualizations. Audio streaming serves the goal of providing music and shows to those who may be living on limited electrical power. At night when your solar panels are down and y...

Road Conditions this weekend

By: Zona Sur

Good morning and Happy Sunday (Feliz Domingo) The following road conditions should still be considered today. The Sun is out and the country gets a chance to dry from the rains. Route 2: Cerro de la Muerte Closed. Route 243: Perez Zeledon-Dominical e...

A Fortunate Rescue At Sea This Week

By: Zona Sur

Officers of a US Coast Guard frigate rescue four fishermen from the Costa Rican ship Rio Bravo III. The ship was reported sinking in the South Pacific at 1:15 in the morning of last Tuesday, when an alert entered the National Service of # Coast Guard CR....

There are rays of sunlight as Eta Departs

By: Zona Sur

Central America is now preparing to pick up the pieces that are left after a devastating week of flooding and landslides. Some of the worst-hit areas were in Honduras and Guatemala. I am here in Costa Rica where volumes of water flowing through the majest...

Offshore Seismic Activity 7:39 pm., Mag: 4,9 Mw


We are now reporting up to the minute seismic activity. The National Seismological Network (RSN) is a research agreement between the Central American School of Geology at the University of Costa Rica (UCR), and the Seismology and Vulcanology Department at...

Weather Warnings, Discussion, and Outlook



USA presidential election

By: Zona Sur

Get up to the minute USA 2020 Presidential election results. On Thursday, Nov. 5th. Joe Biden is only 6 electoral votes away from being declared as the new President of the USA. Trump promises to challenge this declaration....

USA Elections 2020 - Greenwave wins big!

By: Zona Sur

Looks like Trump is activating the Supreme Court to crush the opposition. Democrats never got their "blue wave". It was more of an ankle slapper. At least there was one clear winner this 2020 election. Marijuana!! Yes the green wave is roaring loud and cl...

Report on Hurricane Eta from Cd. Cortes

By: Social redes

On Tuesday November 3rd. we got a report from a citizen in Cd. Cortes with the following information, "All normal here at the balzar and terraba rivers, lets not scare the population with false alerts." Less than 24 hours later, we got a report of resi...

Road Conditions This Morning

By: Zona Sur

Heavy rains continue from Hurricane Eta feeders. Drivers in Costa Rica Please limit your risks, stay off the roads if you are not prepared for a rescue mission. There is a growing list of road closures that need to be updated in realtime. Deslizamien...

Road Conditions

By: Social redes

There is a report of an accident on Interamericana Sur route 2 at "el empalme", a trailer overturned and firefighters attend to the emergency. Please caution the drivers who pass through this place. This is located south of Cartago before the entry to Los...

It's Hurricane Eta, as in James

By: NOAA and OSA Informativo

What are the feeder bands of a hurricane, and how can those of Eta affect the country? Feeder bands are the spiral lines of hurricanes that stretch hundreds of kilometers from the center. Below these bands the rain is torrential. The bands are oriented m...

There have been some evacuations in the Southern Zone

By: El Amarillo

On Sunday night and early Monday morning, the "Fuerza Publica" evacuated some families in the Zona Sur of the country. The heavy downpours that have occurred in the last hours as a result of Hurricane Eta forced several people from Abrojo Norte to leav...

Zona Sur Road Closure Report

By: ZS agg

According to the authorities of the Traffic Police, they carried out a total closure of Route 2, this due to the constant fall of material on the road, in the Division sector. The pass will be closed, until further notice, at 7:00 am the machinery will e...

Heavy rainfall is likely to occur through much of the region this week


During the past week, heavy rainfall (100-200mm) was registered over parts of southern Guatemala, southern Honduras and neighboring parts of El Salvador, as well as many local portions of northern Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama. As much as 3\...

Hello Zona Sur

By: Zona Sur

This is our initial test published on Halloween of 2020. What a year it has been....

Thank you

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