We are stewards of nature, defending the endangered.

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Zona Sur online provides visualizations of data and information. We provide a public platform where acquired data can be reviewed by peers. This is a work in progress and we provide this service thanks to your support.
It has been said that when data is of interest, it becomes information. Information becomes knowledge. Knowledge equals power (absolute power corrupts absolutely), or knowledge can lead to the road to wisdom.
According to ancient mythology, the Nile flood is none other than the tears of Isis, who was mourning the death of her beloved husband Osiris, whilst trying to put together his body parts that were shredded to pieces by his evil brother Set.
In Christian theology this known as the day of assumption. Below we have the circle of assumption based on the visitation of characters who somehow made themselves known, coming out of the womb on August 15th. of the Gregorian calendar. The same day ancient Egyptians honored "Wafaa El-Nil".
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