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New Paper Disproves COVID Live Market Theory

By: Zona Sur

Disproving the fresh market theory is basically code for PROVING the lab/error theory.

That is right folks you are hearing it first. You may ask, "Why is this important?"

This is likely most important for a slightly different pruported reason. This is the first and only time you can calibrate how governing and ruling groups around the globe lie to you.

Take note of the craft of their lying skills. Smart bombs, false flags, and other techniques used to get the piwer out of the most powerful entity, the mob.

We need their lies, we do not want an angry mob controlling everything. Mob Rules!!
I mean, Mob Drooles!

Here is a link to a very impirtant paper that proves that the Novel Corona virus could not have come from the Wuhan wet market because it had already mutated about 4 times acvording to analytical estimates.

This is truly disconcerting.

Thank you

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