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The Value of Freedom

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Defendants offer more than ¢ 1,000 million for freedom
They put properties as collateral to convince judges, Goicoechea

The owner of H. Solis offers an apartment valued at approximately $ 800 thousand

Nothing has more value than freedom and this is known by the defendants in the corruption case known as Cochineal. The Prosecutor(s) Office requested a year of preventive detention, which is why, in order not to end up behind bars, they have offered together more than $ 1.6 million in property and cash, which at the current exchange rate reaches the figure of ¢ 1,000 millions.

According to the defense attorney of the company MECO and H. Solis, Francisco Campos, this option is offered as a way to support that the suspects will continue to be linked to the investigation and will not flee.

"Alternative measures were offered such as an exit impediment, delivery of passports, communication to Migration so that they do not issue new passports, obligation to sign, prohibition of approaching witnesses and public institutions, that is the first part. As a second part, if necessary, the real guarantee is given, and in case the anklet is also necessary, that is, a series of substitute measures are offered as long as preventive detention is not applied to them. What is offered is the judge who decides which ones are accepted and which ones are not ”, he detailed.

In the case of Melida Solis, owner of the construction company H. Solis, an apartment located in San Jose was offered with an approximate value of 800 thousand dollars; while Carlos Cerdas, owner of MECO, made available his house and a liquid sum that was not disclosed, which was unofficially known to exceed 400 thousand dollars.

“In the case of other defendants, statements were received where the family, children and wives also offered to put their houses as collateral. In the case of my other two clients, who are Mr. Abel Gonzalez and Mr. Alejandro, the families also offered to put up properties with a value of up to 200 million each ”, concluded the lawyer.

This Saturday, June 26 at 1:30 p.m. Judge Carolina Lizano will announce the precautionary measures to all the accused.

JOURNALIST: Alvaro Valverde Loaiza
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