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Crackpots and Political Hacks abound

By: ZonaSur

Vanity Fair delivers incredible journalism and I owe it to my father, an avid reader, who passed away thirty years ago, not to pleagurize their fine work. I will spell check this later when I am on an actual computer.

Mostly, it is my intention to preserve a link to the original article "The Lab-Leak Theory: Inside the Fight to Uncover COVID-19’s Origins" by Katherine Eban, to read it with better eyes tomorrow morning.

What an incredible piece of journalism. Vanity Fair is going to turn this affair upside down. The depiction of the buffoon in chief as a reason the science community is culpable. And yes, there are billions of dollars involved in a cover-up. "wow Hmmm,! wow!" to quote a lovely person I know.

I will not say more. Here is the link. Politicians, Scientists, and the smartest people out there should be ashamed of themselves. This will forever be a stain on the underwear of our civilization

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Come what may.

Thank you

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