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A Fellow Nations Attempt at Creating a Superhuman

By: Zona Sur

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Removing CCR5 enhances the brain:

China likely funded this experiment and sentenced He, the mad scientist, to 3 years in prison:

Chinese scientists insert human brain gene into monkeys--improved their cognitive functions:

The Chinese were trying to kill off their elderly:

"China's aging population is as big a worry as its debt bomb, if not more so, because China can make its debt disappear at the stroke of a pen, but the government cannot make millions of elderly and retirees disappear.":

China knows C-19 is transmissible--people to people but allows the Lunar New Year gala to go on. And when the lockdown was put in place afterwards it alerted people by smartphones (what the old and poor don't have). A timeline:

I contend China's delay to inform the world was to enable the virus to spread across China to exterminate their own (too bad for the world). Unfortunately for the government the Asian death rate was far lower than other ethnicities:

And lastly, when that didn't work they went to Plan B: "China allows three children in major policy shift":

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