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Immigration Enforced By Fuerza Publico

By: Translated by Zona Sur

In the Zona Sur of Costa Rica, increased immigration enforcement is being managed by a branch known as the "Fuerza Publica". Translated as the "Public Force". Yesterday the Fuerza Publica in the Zona Sur located three buses with more than 150 Cubans in Ciudad Neily de Corredores.

The units were guarded until the Regional Office of Migration in Paso Canoas where they rejected those foreigners to Panamanian territory.

One of the Cubans said that they were in the shelter that the government of Panama has very close to the border with Costa Rica.

"We just want to get to the other border, we do not want to stay in this country.
What does bother us is that they did not return the money for the ticket, "said the Cuban.

The Public Force and Migration know that these foreigners are staying somewhere near the border to be able to enter Costa Rican soil illegally again. They will be ready to apprehend them in this constant game of cat and mouse.

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