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These are the Moments After the Eclipse

By: Zona Sur

As we have passed the moments that follow the Flower Blood Moon Eclipse, we notice interesting events. The Lunar Eclipse has basically covered the entire Pacific Ocean and has delivered an interesting increased bug movement activity in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica.

We mostly had enough cloud cover to not see the spectacle. However, gravity and more than 90 percent of cosmic rays are still deeply affecting our surroundings. Of course, everyone on Magic Seaweed noticed the increased wave activity in the ocean. But what else happens.

That red coloring you may be seeing from the Cocos Islands or even Easter Island is a property of the Earth(s) atmosphere convoluted with the sun's rays being seen on the screen of the lunar surface. Some say spectacular and some say spooky. There is no doubt, this is beyond visual and it can be an awe-inspiring window into our celestial existence.

Now imagine our solar system traveling at an extreme velocity calculated by Voyager I in the heliosphere. Consider now the orbital motion of planet Earth combined with that of the moon. Take one more step and compound the spin or both of these planetary and satellite bodies. As all these moments (i.e. engineering vernacular) converge and present themselves for 14 minutes this morning, vortices of charged particles, plasma, ions, et. al. have spun into all of us this morning.

Some things that needed to desperately change will get that chance. If you feel a decrease in energy, let go. Be that trout that was able to command the flow of the stream. You found that spot where you can stay completely stationary. This too shall pass.

Thank you

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