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What Most All Agree on Regarding the Eclipse

By: Zona Sur

At 5 A. M. In Costa Rica there will be a full flower moon, lunar eclipse in progress. NASA cannot conclude any form of proven physical effect on mammalian beings. However, points out that there is an observable physical effect that is likelyaresult of psychological effects of the lunar eclipse that have been proven.
Something we can agree on is that, it is a great time to take advantage of the special effect created on the umbral and penumbral locations on the planet. Specifically the effects of attenuated cosmic rays in these locations.
In this written intention as the planetary objects have already started the process is to request a reveal. It is time. I consider that intention, I can hear the ratcheting of a wooden roller coaster for the initial climb. Be ready.
Have a great eclipse amigos, and remember to shield anything that must remain un disturbed.

Thank you

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