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Abductee Recovered in Cortes

By: Zona Sur Translation

# DaleShare­čĹç

Her name is: Kendally Miranda Castro.
The last time she saw him was
yesterday at 6:30 in the afternoon in Barrio Alemania in Palmar Norte on the way from the Germany school to the center of Palmar.

Follow-up :
This young woman is missing, since yesterday May 09, 2021 (6:00 pm) when she went to the cashier to withdraw money.
A woman and a man in a vehicle called her to ask for an address, then threatened her with a firearm so that she would get into the vehicle. She was held for several hours when they saw the publication of her where she was missing, they made the decision of her to leave her lying on the Amaca Bridge in Ciudad Cort├ęs.
The young woman is all beaten and disoriented and she meets her parents.

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