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Louisiana woman work, subject of Documentary

By: Community Carbon Trees

Posted @withregram • @hivecreates 🌳Updates on our movie “One Precious Life”
Following our Earth Day showing are proud to say that we have raise $10,000 for tree planting organization @communitycarbontreescostarica
+ our story has gone viral in the press and is featured in @washingtonpost @telegraph @houstonchron @sfgate and MORE
All thanks to YOU! Thank you for supporting “One Precious Life” and the values behind this movie.
Moving forward —> the film will be in festivals, streaming platforms and community events to be announced soon.
Please contact us if you want to be a part of this films mission to help regenerate our forests, passions, and communities.
We need your help and your connections.
All my love to you - @nathanhirschaut

Thank you

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