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Costa Rica LatAm Telecomm Updates

By: Zona Sur

Fonatel finances five programs, with commitments until 2027. The fund consists of a contribution of up to 3% from gross income earned by operators of public networks and service providers. Regulator Sutel sets the exact figure each year.

In February, the ICT ministry (Micitt) established the goal of connecting 53% of public schools and colleges through the bicentennial educational network, for which Micitt still has to publish guidelines.

According to Micitt, Sutel will oversee connectivity of 2,375 out of 4,514 educational institutions. The remaining institutions were assigned to the Omar Dengo Foundation and financing will come from the education ministry (MEP).

MEP plans to fund connectivity for 1,662 educational centers in 2021 and 477 in 2022. Fonatel is expected to serve 2,375 centers by 2024, of which 516 will be connected this year.

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