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Catch the Solar Alignment of the Spheres in Finca 6

By: ZonaSur Translation

While in Costa Rica visit the Finca 6 archaeological site, during the alignment of spheres with the sun, which will be between April 9 and 18. Some things we want to tell you, when faced with multiple questions are:
Alignment is a phenomenon that, for years, has been studied by foreign and Costa Rican archaeologists, including officials from the National Museum of Costa Rica. It occurs during the solar zenith, which according to information from the CIENTEC, �in Costa Rica it occurs twice a year and is an exclusive phenomenon in regions located between latitudes 23.5 � North and 23.5 � South. The date depends on the exact latitude of the observer and in southern Costa Rica it happens between April 9 and 18 and again between August 23 and September 1 �.
According to what our archaeologists have studied, the alignment of the spheres with the sun could be related to agricultural cycles, basic calendaring and / or ceremonial activities, but this is still a hypothesis.
On the second date of the year, from August 23 to September 1, we will reopen from 5 to 7 am, however, the museum is open 8am to 2pm.
To observe the alignment on these two dates of the year, access to the archaeological site will be given at that special time, but the Museum will open from 8 am.

If you want to know more about the spheres, culture and nature of the area, you can consult the page
? ?????????? The site is extensive, but we are going to ask you to use the mask correctly while you are on the site and to maintain the spacing between bubbles. We want to take care of them and take care of ourselves.

Thank you

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