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Special Forces in Costa Rica

By: Machine Translated from OSA Informativo

Costa Rica Special Forces.
Special Support Unit (UEA) of the Public Force.
OIJ Special Tactical Response Service (SERT) of the OIJ.
Special Intervention Unit (UEI) of the Ministry of the Presidency.
The Special Intervention Unit (UEI) was created in 1977 as part of an elite unit of the Ministry of Public Security, later in 1985 it became part of the Ministry of the Presidency where it currently belongs, the UEI specializes in intelligence and security tasks. national.
The officers who work in the Special Intervention Unit (UEI) receive different trainings such as hostage release, counter-terrorism, intelligence work, explosives deactivation, snipers, anti-drug operations etc ... The UEI receives training and qualifications in the States The United States, Brazil, Israel, Colombia, among other countries, also represent Costa Rica in the international competition Fuerzas Comando, which is why it is classified as the best Special Force in Costa Rica, some of its known interventions were the intervention in the assault on the National Bank of Monte Verde in 2005 and the arrest of Mexican drug trafficker Rafael Caro Quintero in 1985.
Special Tactical Response Service (SERT)
In 1995 the idea of ??creating a tactical group to carry out high-risk tasks or very select cases was raised; Therefore, researchers who had the best tactical conditions for each section were chosen.
In 2008, at the request of the General Directorate, the name was changed to the Special Tactical Response Service (SERT), and a personnel restructuring was carried out in order to strengthen needs such as: protection of dangerous people, detainee escorts, transfers and drug custody, Protection of very important people (PMI), rescue work, training in tactics for the internal staff of the OIJ, vehicle arrest, pedestrian detention, intelligence, among other functions that are currently carried out in highly dangerous operations of the OIJ carried out by the group of Specialized Agents in the Unit
Special Support Unit (UEA)
It is an Elite Shock Force of the Public Force of the Ministry of Public Security, they are specially trained and prepared to enter into hand-to-hand action in any situation or place, tactical shooting, parachuting, mountain patrolling, map reading ... The team has received several international recognitions for its work, in addition the officers of this unit have been present in the missions of the UN * Blue Helmets *, their most outstanding interventions were the capture of members of the FARC of Colombia in our country in 2013 , the collaboration with the OIJ and the PCD in the raids to dismantle the drug trafficking organizations of alias "el indio", alias "ojos bellos", "alias press" etc ..
In the last national competition of special forces Costa Rica 2019 held at the Murcielago Police Training Center, where the champion was the Special Support Unit (UEA) of the Public Force, by beating the Border Police, Service Special Tactical Response (SERT) and the National Coast Guard Service, the Special Intervention Unit (UEI) could not be present in the competition due to international commitments.
Our country currently has 07 armored vehicles donated by the United States government, 04 armored vehicles belong to the Ministry of Public Security, where they are used mostly by the Special Force (UEA) for raids, police operations, etc. 02 armored vehicles belong to the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ), specifically to the Special Force (SERT) for raids, highly dangerous operational work, etc. 01 armored vehicle belongs to the Ministry of the Presidency, specifically to the Special Force (UEI) considered internationally as the best Special Force in Costa Rica, the UEI uses the armored vehicle in dangerous operations, raids, etc.
The Judicial Investigation Agency (OIJ) also has a Ford brand armored vehicle called the "beast" this armored vehicle was made in Costa Rica long before the United States government donated 02 armored vehicles to the OIJ, for which currently the Special Force (SERT) of the OIJ has 03 armored vehicles.
Also note that with the armored vehicle created in our country, there are 08 armored vehicles that police units currently have for national security
Admiral Craig Faller of the United States Southern Command in his last visit to our country and in the meeting he held with several heads of different police forces where the former United States Ambassador to Costa Rica Sharon Day was also present, said his recognition of the very good work of the FueCosta Rican Police forces in the fight against organized crime, as well as ratifying the support of the United States government to the Costa Rican police forces, to further increase the fight against organized crime in all its forms ...
* It is important to note that in recent years the government of the United States has donated, Boats, Aircraft, scientific laboratory to the OIJ among other donations and international training to the Police Forces of the country, for the fight against organized crime

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