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It's Hurricane Eta, as in James

By: NOAA and OSA Informativo

What are the feeder bands of a hurricane, and how can those of Eta affect the country?
Feeder bands are the spiral lines of hurricanes that stretch hundreds of kilometers from the center. Below these bands the rain is torrential. The bands are oriented more or less parallel to the horizontal winds of the storm. A typical hurricane can have at least three of these bands.
The arc-shaped feedbands eventually move toward the center of the storm, surrounding it and producing the donut-shaped "eye wall" that gives the hurricane its unique appearance on weather radar screens and satellite imagery.
Eta has developed 3 spiral bands, one of which is forming over Costa Rica and joining the Intertropical Confluence Zone. The effect of these bands and the orographic ascent forced by winds from the southwest to windward of the mountain ranges (Pacific slope) causes the strong weather conditions.

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