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Zona Sur Road Closure Report

By: ZS agg

According to the authorities of the Traffic Police, they carried out a total closure of Route 2, this due to the constant fall of material on the road, in the Division sector.
The pass will be closed, until further notice, at 7:00 am the machinery will enter the area and they will determine what time they will open.
In the City of Cortes - Osa Noticias
Be alert as a prevention for the moment, courteous city and farms, a team of the emergency commission met this afternoon for any situation that arises and open shelters and follow up on the terraba river.
--- Osa Informativo
Several neighborhoods in Ciudad Cortes are being affected by the rains, most of them due to sewerage problems.
--- On the Highway to SJO
(Last night) Strong crash on route 27 leaves four seriously injured. Red Cross and Fire Brigade units are in place attending the emergency. Eight patients are reported, including a pregnant woman.
Four seriously injured people is the balance of a spectacular traffic accident that occurred this afternoon on Route 27, specifically under the La Guacima bridge in the Caldera - San Jose direction.
At the moment it is presumed that speeding and false overtaking would be responsible for the accident that involved a pick-up and a light vehicle, the latter being the one that took the worst part in the collision.

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